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minimal footprint


Gefyra is tested under Windows, MacOS and Linux. The command line tool can be installed with a binary executable. Please find your preferred operating system below.


To use Gefyra you need:

  • Docker client API compatible container runtime (Docker/Docker Desktop/Colima)
  • Kubernetes cluster with a reachable port 31820 UDP

Install Gefyra on MacOS

Darwin AMD64 / ARM64 (universal build)


brew tap gefyrahq/gefyra
brew install gefyra

Manual Installation

curl -sSL | sh -

Install Gefyra on Linux

curl -sSL | sh -

Install Gefyra on Windows

You can download the latest release from and extract the binary on your local machine.

Chocolatey will be available soon. If you can support this project with packaging and distributing for Windows please get in touch!


Docker Desktop Extension

Currently the Gefyra Docker Desktop Extension is not available on the marketplace. However, you can install it by running the following command:

docker extension install gefyra/docker-desktop-extension:1.0.1

For more details see Docker Desktop Extension.

Using Python Package Index

You can install Gefyra with pip:

pip install gefyra --upgrade