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Blazingly-fast, rock-solid, local application development with Kubernetes.

The Problem

Building and pushing containers to test them in Kubernetes is repetitive and time-consuming. Writing and debugging code that depends on services in Kubernetes is daunting. Especially if they are not reachable during development.

The Solution

Gefyra runs local code in any Kubernetes cluster without the build and push cycle. It overlays containers in the cluster making code changes immediately available. It's a new era of software development.

Why Gefyra?

Supercharge Development Speed

Run your code directly in a Kubernetes cluster and overcome CI/CD waiting times.

Fight Environment Bugs

Uncover bugs before they appear on staging or production enviroments.

Promote Collaboration

Share running code instantly and let your team work in a realistc environment.

One Click and Go

Gefyra is ready in seconds, not hours or days.

Flexible Workflows

Integrate Gefyra into existing workflows. Make Gefyra part of your CI/CD pipeline.

Cost Efficient

Improve time-to-market and utilization of resources. Spent less on CI/CD pipelines and container builds.

Docker Desktop Extension

Gefyra provides a Docker Desktop Extension for even more simple usage.

Connect your development containers directly to any Kubernetes cluster through Gefyra's Docker Desktop Extension user interface.

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Gefyra Usecases

Kubernetes as Development Platform

Local containers on board! If you want to use Kubernetes as your development platform, Gefyra is the right tool for you. It enables you to run your code in Kubernetes without the need to build and push containers. Gefyra overlays the container in Kubernetes with your local container. Instantly see the effects of your code changes in Kubernetes.

The highest possible development velocity is achieved by using Gefyra in combination with a local or remote Kubernetes cluster.

See Gefyra in Action
Auth Service

Shared Kubernetes-based Resources

Suppose you are working on a feature that requires collaboration with other team members, such as frontend developers, backend engineers, and database administrators. With Gefyra, you can create a shared environment accessible to the entire team.

Each team member can work on their respective components while having shared resources available (for example a large database). Gefyra enables you to share your local code with your team and collaborate on a shared environment.

Kickoff the Collaboration
collaboration with gefyra

All Programming Languages and Frameworks

If it can run in a container, you can develop it in a container. Gefyra supports all platforms that support Docker, and all programming languages and frameworks that can be run in a container.

Find one of our example projects for container-based development with Gefyra and get started in no time. Be a Dev/Prod-parity hero!

Let us know about your experience!

We depend on your feedback - Gefyra's was created out of our own needs and the feedback we received from you, and our community.

We'd appreciate it if you could take 2 minutes of your time to fill out our feedback form.

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