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Version: 2.0.0

Gefyra: Blazingly-fast, rock-solid, local application development with Kubernetes.

Gefyra offers you to

  • run services locally on a developer machine
  • operate feature-branches in a production-like Kubernetes environment with all adjacent services
  • write code in the IDE you already love, be fast, be confident
  • leverage all the neat development features, such as debugger, code-hot-reloading, overriding environment variables
  • run high-level integration tests against all dependent services
  • keep peace-of-mind when pushing new code to the integration environment

Gefyra was designed to be fast and robust on an average developer machine and supports most platforms.

Remark: Gefyra requires a running Docker engine on the development machine.

Core Features

Run a container instance on a developer machine and connect it to Kubernetes-based resources

You can run an arbitrary container on your local development machine that behaves as it would run within a Kubernetes cluster. It connects to Kubernetes-based resources (such as databases, APIs, or assets), making it very convenient to test a new service in the cluster or write code that depends on Kubernetes resources.

Gefyra run action

Overlay a container running within a Kubernetes Pod with a local instance

You can simply replace a container running in a Kubernetes Pod with a local container instance. That will serve the requests to that Pod from your local container instances. That makes it very convenient to test changes in a realistic production-close environment before pushing the code to CI/CD.

Gefyra bridge action

Quick installation

curl -sSL | sh -

Looking for Homebrew or Windows installation? Checkout the installation guide.

Use Cases and Demos

If you are interested in more sophisticated use cases or want to develop modern Kubernetes-based architectures, check out the use cases and demos or the media section.