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Version: 2.x

What changed between Gefyra v1 and Gefyra v2?

Operator - Gefyra's operator was completely refactored. It now acts as a state machine and shows much more stable and consistent behaviour. It manages 2 custom resources - GefyraClients and GefyraBridges.

Access Management - While Gefyra v1 just installed its operator into the cluster via the up command, Gefyra 2 allows for a more fine grained control. gefyra up was split into gefyra install, gefyra client and the gefyra connection commands. Every connection to the cluster is now controlled by a GefyraClient object which represents an indiviual client connection to the cluster. For every GefyraClient a separate service account is created.

Load Balancer Presets - Not every cluster is just reachable through a public IP. To expose it for Gefyra's connection purposes we allow you to use Load Balancer Presets which expose the necessary parts of Gefyra to make things work.

CLI - Gefyra's command line interface has been refactored - it's now written in Click. The TUI is much more readable, it includes some progress bars - generally a much nicer experience.

API - Gefyra's core functionality is now moved into a separate Python package. It provides an API to control Gefyra's processes - like install, run, bridge.